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  • June 14, 2021 – Initial IREAD-3 Summer Scores Now Available in the Online Reporting System (ORS)!

    Scores are now available in ORS for students who participated in IREAD-3 Summer Retest through Friday, June 11. Scores will continue to populate in ORS upon test completion.  Please reference the SY20-21 ORS User Guide for questions regarding system access or navigation. Contact the Indiana Assessment Help Desk for further assistance.

    Added June 14, 2021
  • Tuesday, May 25 - IREAD-3 Summer 2021 Test Window Opens Today!

    The IREAD-3 Summer 2021 test window is open now and continues through Friday, July 16 for both online and paper testing. The Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) must correctly reflect all demographic and accommodations data for participating students ahead of all practice and operational test sessions. Test Administrators (TAs) must use the 2020-2021 Fall/Spring/Summer IREAD-3 Test Administrator’s Manual (TAM) to administer the IREAD-3 retest to all students participating in this summer. The IREAD-3 Secure Segment 1 script must be used with all students except those students using the Hard of Hearing test form. Additionally, TAs must use the IREAD-3 Read Aloud Scripts for Accommodated Paper-and-Pencil Assessments for any students whose formal plan requires a human reader and a paper test. Both scripts are available to Corporation Test Coordinators (CTCs), Nonpublic School Test Coordinators (NPSTCs), and School Test Coordinators (STCs) for download from the Secure Inbox in TIDE. CTCs, NPSTCs, and STCs are responsible for ensuring TAs have access the IREAD-3 TAM and the appropriate script(s) before any testing begins.

    Added May 25, 2021
  • May 07, 2021 - OPTIONAL IREAD-3 Summer Pretest Workshop Training Module Now Available

    The Office of Student Assessment (OSA) developed the optional Summer 2021 IREAD-3 Pretest Workshop Training for Corporation Test Coordinators (CTCs) whose schools will administer the IREAD-3 summer retest. This on-demand training module includes a variety of IREAD-3 program details, such as lessons learned from the spring test window, participation requirements, test security reminders, and information about use of results. All educators involved in the administration of the IREAD-3 summer retest are encouraged to review this recording before testing students this summer. Contact OSA with any questions.

    Added May 7, 2021
  • New Desktop Secure Browser for macOS 11 (Big Sur)!
    The Cambium Assessment, Inc. (CAI) desktop secure browser for macOS 11.x (v12.6) is now available for download from the Secure Browsers portal page. Schools that installed the version of the secure browser for macOS released at the beginning of this school year (August, 2020) must uninstall before installing v12.6. The following CAI online system Technology Guides have also been updated for secure browser v21.6 and are now available in the Portal’s Technology Resources folder:
    -    2020-2021 Additional Configurations and Troubleshooting Guide for Mac
    -    2020-2021 Technology Setup for Online Testing Quick Guide
    CAI’s Indiana Assessment Help Desk (866-298-4256) is available to assist schools with any technical matters.

    Added March 29, 2021
  • March 23, 2021 – Preliminary IREAD-3 Spring Scores Now Available in the Online Reporting System (ORS)!

    Preliminary scores are now available in ORS for students who participated in the IREAD-3 Spring Assessment. Please reference the 2020-2021 ORS User Guide for questions regarding system access or navigation. Contact the Indiana Assessment Help Desk for further assistance.

    Added March 23, 2021
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